Misaligned teeth not only negatively impact your appearance and confidence, but it also increases the risk of oral health diseases such as gum diseases, bad breath, cavities, etc. Braces put a gentle but constant pressure, making the teeth move to the desired position over a period of time. Vail Orthodontics has extensive experience in treating misaligned teeth in children, teens, and adults, with the help of different types of braces, which include metal braces, clear or ceramic braces and Damon braces.

Ceramic Braces

Clear or ceramic braces are structurally similar to metal braces as both contain wires and brackets. However, the difference is in their aesthetic factor. In ceramic braces, the brackets are made of clear ceramic material, customized to match the shade of your teeth. The wires too can be made to match the shade of your tooth enamel. This feature makes ceramic braces nearly invisible. The aesthetic appeal of ceramic braces is much greater than traditional braces, and therefore, they are fast becoming a popular choice in orthodontic treatments.

Damon Braces

Damon braces are a popular option for teeth straightening. The Damon system works on a slide mechanism that connects wires to brackets, and they move along with the teeth to the desired position. There are no metal or elastic ties in the Damon brackets, making it easier to expect faster results comfortably.

Metal Braces

Conventional or metal braces are the most common orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening. They are also the fastest and most cost-effective ways to achieve straight teeth. Braces were known to be uncomfortable as they were bulky and intrusive. But, today’s metal braces are smaller and less noticeable. The wires used reduce the discomfort and contribute towards faster teeth movement.

Cost of Braces

Traditional braces are less expensive when compared to other orthodontic treatments. The cost of braces depends on your requirements.

At Vail Orthodontics, we provide high-quality yet affordable teeth braces and aligners options. We believe that the cost should not come in the way of you achieving a perfect smile. Therefore, we offer various easy and flexible payment options.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Braces

You need braces to straighten your teeth. Braces are the most common orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening, which in turn offer the following benefits:

  • Straight teeth enhance your smile, boosts your self-esteem and helps you speak confidently in public.
  • Misaligned teeth are difficult to clean and hence can cause bad breath, cavities and gum diseases. When teeth are straightened, it becomes easier to clean them, thus improving your oral health.
  • Conditions like bad or incorrect bite can cause serious complications such as TMJ disorder. If ignored, it may require oral surgery. Braces can correct misaligned teeth and bite problems and thus reduce your risk of associated oral health issues.
  • Straight teeth carry a lower risk of getting injured as compared to protruding upper teeth, which are likely to get damaged due to impact when accident or trauma occurs.