Clear Aligners Give You
the Confidence to Show off Your Smile

ClearCorrect is a customized, removable aligner tray system that is designed to treat teeth misalignment issues ranging from mild to severe. ClearCorrect gradually straightens your teeth without using brackets or wires. The best feature of these aligners is – they are nearly invisible, thus making them an excellent option for braces-conscious people.

Are You a Candidate for ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect clear aligners can effectively correct underbites, unsightly gaps, crossbites, overbites, and overcrowding. They can close the gaps that are left by missing teeth while protecting the other teeth from injury, uneven wear, and periodontal diseases. ClearCorrect is ideal for people of all ages as long as retainers are worn after the treatment to keep the teeth in their new position.

Treatment Process

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    Schedule an appointment with the orthodontist to figure out whether you are an ideal candidate for ClearConnect.

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    Once the treatment begins, you need to visit your orthodontist every 3 weeks to get a new set of aligners fitted.

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    The treatment duration is usually 12 months, but can vary depending on the needs and severity of your situation.

Why Choose ClearCorrect Clear Aligners?


The fit of ClearCorrect aligners is snug over the teeth. They apply mild pressure to push your teeth in the right position, without being visible.​

Durable and Safe

ClearCorrect is made from durable plastic material designed to withstand stress and last longer. And no wires and brackets mean no risk of cuts and scrapes. These features make ClearCorrect a safer and durable option for teeth straightening.​


ClearCorrect can be easily removed while eating, drinking, flossing, and brushing. Since there are no wires or brackets, there are no food restrictions as there is no risk of food getting trapped in between your teeth and brackets.

Cost of ClearCorrect

The treatment cost depends upon the duration required to correct the teeth misalignment. Also, your location and the severity of your teeth alignment are factors considered while determining the treatment cost. However, ClearCorrect is less expensive than Invisalign. Most patients agree that the benefits outweigh the investment in the long run. At Vail Orthodontics, you can take advantage of our flexible financing options to pay for ClearCorrect!
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