Digital Orthodontics for Accurate Outcomes

The advanced technology has found its way into orthodontics. It has enabled orthodontists to revolutionize any orthodontic treatment from a mass-approached 2D technique to a personalized 3 Dimensional approach. 3D printing is the new technology that has made orthodontic procedures quicker, more efficient, and accurate as compared to traditional processes.

Vail Orthodontics, our dental office in New Windsor, NY, has invested in innovative technology to offer a comfortable dental experience to its patients. It is equipped with a revolutionary intraoral 3D scanner that achieves accurate digital impressions of the oral alignment of patients suffering from gag-reflexes, smaller mouths and other special needs.

Our In-house 3-Step 3D Printing Process

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    3D Dental Imaging

    We use the intraoral 3D scanner to take digital images of your teeth. The images are then exported to the lab in the form of a high-definition digital structure of your mouth. Our lab uses an updated HIPAA compliant cloud application to transform impressions and stone models of your teeth into comprehensive digital files. The CAD-CAM software then prints the final files to design customized clear aligners or retainers.

  • 02

    Designing of the Dental Appliance

    We use the revolutionary 3D digital imaging for accurate custom designing of the aligners. The digital dental images give a preview of the expected range of movement of each tooth, helping us to determine the amount of interproximal reduction for each patient. Next, the files go to the dental 3D scanner.

  • 03

    Printing of the Digital Model

    The last stage of the treatment constitutes the process of printing of files, which requires 4 to 8 hours. Our team at Vail Orthodontics takes extra efforts to organize each file on the printing platform cautiously. Our highly skilled dental assistants guide and supervise this entire 3 step process.

Our investment in 3D imaging has reduced orthodontic treatment time, guaranteeing quality results with unmatched precision and speed.
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