Invisalign® clear aligners are best for teens and adults who prefer to straighten their teeth without the hassles of traditional metal braces. These virtually undetectable aligners gradually shift the teeth to their ideal position without using any wires or brackets.

At Vail Orthodontics, Dr. Pai and his team determine a treatment plan based on the 3D digital images of your teeth created at the office during your smile assessment. Your Invisalign® clear aligners are then customized for best results.

Invisalign® for Teens

Invisalign® aligners for teens are designed, keeping in mind the challenges teenagers face while using aligners for teeth straightening. Why Invisalign® aligners are best for teenagers?

Extra Replacement Aligners

Teenagers often lose or damage their aligners. Invisalign® for teens comes with 6 sets of replacement aligners, making it possible for teens to continue the treatment without any interruptions.

Eruption Tabs​

Some teenagers have still some part of their baby teeth left or have an incomplete eruption of permanent teeth. Invisalign® aligners for teens allows easy eruption of permanent teeth.​

Color Indicators

It’s a common complaint that teenagers do not wear aligners as prescribed by the orthodontist. Invisalign® for teens has small blue marker dots that begin fading after 336 hours or 2 weeks of wear. This indicates that they need to be replaced with a new set. This feature makes it easy for teens to follow and complete their treatment.

Why Choose Invisalign® for Teens & Adults?

  • They are virtually invisible. So, they can be worn confidently in public.
  • The results are prominent at every stage of the orthodontic treatment, unlike with traditional braces.
  • The Invisalign® treatment requires fewer appointments as compared to the treatment with traditional metal braces.
  • These aligners are made up of high-quality material which ensures controlled teeth movement.
  • You can remove them while eating. These aligners do not impose any food restrictions.
  • The Invisalign® aligners do not cause any injury and pain as they are free from wires and sharp brackets.
  • You can enjoy contact sports that are usually not recommended for teenagers with braces.
  • It’s easy to clean your Invisalign® as it has a simple structure devoid of wires and brackets.