Dr. Satish Pai

Dr. Satish Pai has more than a decade of orthodontic experience, including practice and academics. He is dual-trained in both orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. Currently, at Vail Orthodontics, Dr. Pai focuses on Adult, Teen and Kids Orthodontics, but he has plans to expand Pediatric Dentistry services in the future.

Education and Accolades

  • Master of Science (M.S) in Orthodontics and Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S), Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine
  • Master of Public Health (M.P.H), University of Michigan.
  • Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S) in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, National University of Ireland and University College Cork, Ireland respectively.
  • Rewarded with the Ernest Haas Scholarship for academic achievement in Orthodontics Postgraduate studies.
  • Received the Henry Nahoum award for excellence in Craniofacial studies.
  • Awarded the first faculty award – a national honor by the American Association of Orthodontics.
His works have been extensively published in international specialty journals, where he acts as a reviewer as well. He has also worked as Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Orthodontics at Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine. When he is not working, Dr. Pai enjoys spending time with his family and reading about the latest developments in the field of orthodontics.
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